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I will take the time to get to know your business so that my team can present a comprehensive Audio Visual solution to solve presentation challenges. The bottom-line is your bottom-line. Around here, it really is all about you and the AV solutions provider (AVSP) 10 standards of excellence.

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Tony Sprando

Over 13 years of experience operating a profitable audio video company. Tony oversees every aspect from start to finish for a hands-on experience for the client. His passion is to initiate, manage and complete complex installation projects for the hospitality industry, church worship centers, high-end retail and restaurants, classrooms, training rooms, auditoriums, outside venues and more. Tony is able to define the expected results with the client by breaking down the project into bite-sized tasks. In this way, he gets the chance to help the client's vision become a reality. He manages the design process, the presentation to the customer, creation of the proposal and presentation of that proposal. He also manages the installation process making sure all the right parts are in place through completion of the project. Tony offers training for the client so that they understand the full functionality and capability of their new equipment. Tony's leadership in this way makes clients feel taken care of, and that is why Audio Visual Presentations has so many repeat customers. - Located in Bend, Oregon

Brett Sutphin

Brett is the senior low voltage technician and project designer at Audio Visual Presentations. He holds a current LEA license, CLE license and has over 11 years of experience installing wire and interconnects for audio video systems throughout the northwest in both new and existing structures. In Oregon, this license is required to pull any wires inside walls, ceilings or floors in a commercial building. Brett is reliable and consistent in his work and able to work in conjunction with Tony to complete the project to the client's specifications.
-Located in Bend, Oregon

Ed Stortro

Ed has been involved in international broadcasting for over 25 years doing both engineering and production.  He has brought that background to the audio-visual industry by providing help in acoustical design and layout, system design, broadcast video sales and integration.  Besides filling the role as technology officer, he is also the RMI for our CCB license. - Manages our existing Portland, Oregon Clients.

Skot Barker

Skot has been part of the team since the beginning.  He lives in Vancouver, Washington seeing that our customers in Washington are taken care of and developing new business in Commercial Av installations, Live Events and offering top notch customer service.

Jim Boeddeker

Jim brings a plethora of value to the company with Project Management – Sales & Marketing - Team Building as well as extensive domain experience in telecommunications with a focus on technical applications of fiber optic networks, digital communications systems and building automation systems.- He works from the Bend, Oregon location.

Christine Sprando

She manages some of the most important jobs here at Audio Visual Presentations, inc. including but not limited to Manage relationships with vendors, Banking, Accounting/ bookkeeping via Quickbooks, Data entry, Deliveries. We appreciate all she does.